What is the Return Policy?
All purchases may be returned within 2 weeks for store credit. Buyer will be responsible for the return shipping charges.
Is the furniture made from solid wood?
Yes! The Ponderosa Collection is manufactured with Ponderosa Pine wood and there are no partical board components in the furniture. The Barnwood Collection is made from reclaimed barnwood.
Where is the furniture hand-crafted?
The majority of our furniture comes from Mexico. We have been selling the Ponderosa line of furniture for more than 24 years in Alberta, Canada. We also have some barnwood pieces of furniture and the wood that is being used to craft these one-of-a-kind pieces is coming out of Stavely, Alberta. Each piece of wood is unique and is thought to be 50 to 100 years old.
How do I take care of my furniture?
All of our natural brushed furniture is stained with Minwax Natural. We encourage you to put a coat or two on when you see the wood losing its lustre. We also recommend using Virgin Olive Oil in-between staining.
Are there concerns of the wood splitting in climates that do not have the same moisture as in Mexico?
The wood is dried and treated in Mexico before being used to craft the furniture. With appropriate care and treatments with Virgin Olive Oil and Minwax stain, concerns of splitting and warping a minimal.
Where can I buy your furniture?
We have a wonderfully charming store located in the picturesque town of Bragg Creek Alberta and we'd be delighted to have you visit us! Of course, you can purchase on our website anytime!
Can I have my furniture delivered?
Yes! We will work with you to arrange delivery of your furniture purchases for a delivery fee.