Taking care of your furniture

Cleaning your pine furniture daily will keep it looking its best!  Spills and food should be cleaned right away to prevent damage to the finish on your beautiful furniture piece!  Daily cleaning consists of dusting and light cleaning with a non-abrasive cloth.  Avoid using acidic or silicone-based all-purpose cleaners.

For heavily worn surfaces, apply a light coat of Minwax Penetrating Stain “Natural 209’ (avoid tinted versions), available at most hardware stores.  Use a sponge and apply in the direction of the wood grain.  Let dry for several hours.  

Using coasters, place mats and tablecloths will prolong the life and beauty of your furniture! 

Enjoy the functionality, durability, versatility and beauty of your rustic furniture!  

Ponderosa Pine

Ponderosa Pine is generally recognized as the most versatile wood found in abundance in North America.  The trees average from 125 feet to 185 feet in height and 3 to 6 feet in diameter.  Ponderosa Pine is a “pioneer” species in the life cycle of the forest, meaning that its tolerance to drought and to heat make it one of the first conifers to reforest a burn or to come in after a harvest.

Ponderosa Pine is a lightweight soft-textured wood with a typically straight, close and uniform grain.  The wood is easy to work with by hand or using machine tools.  For its weight, Ponderosa Pine is strong enough for most residential and light commercial building purposes.

The wood has long been noted for its ability to take and grip nails and other fastenings without splitting or extra care in fastener selection.  It is an extremely workable wood respected by the woodworking profession for the ease with which it is fashioned into fine molding and other intricate detail work.  It is widely used in the woodworking field for fabricating into architectural woodwork, furniture and specialty products.

Additionally, the wood is ideal for painting and responds splendidly to varnish, stain and lacquer treatments which is vital to top quality woodwork products.  The ability of Ponderosa Pine to withstand shocks and jars without splitting or slivering is important to the manufacture of doors, windows and cabinetwork where durability under movement is essential.

Ponderosa Pine is one of the finest softwoods obtainable for all types of furniture!

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